gas leak on my fa50

i have to premix my gas and oil because my oil pump doenst work, well i like to leave my house with a good amount of gas in my tank so i can be sure i wont run out anywhere, and have to find 2 stroke oil and gas mix. But every time i fill my tank up to the top the next morning there will be a huge puddle of gas under it.

for instance last night i got home filled my gas up full, and this morning i walked out to a pretty good amount of gas on the floor so i checked all the hoses there tight and ther not leaking anywhere, then i rembered the las time i filled it up to the top i had the same prob, is ther a hole up high in my gas tank that i dont know about? or am i just not supposed to fill it up high

Re: gas leak on my fa50

Anthony Castellanos /

your petcock is leaking you have to turn it off man DER!

Re: gas leak on my fa50

I had the same problem with my Honda Express, my carb has a hose that goes from the bottom of the carb to no where... so the gas ran out from there, whenever the carb fills over the gas rans out. So like Anthony said, shut off the petcock, or leave the tank empty for over night. The petcock might also need a new gasket, check it out.


Re: gas leak on my fa50

Make sure the petcock is not on MAIN ( I think), The lever should be down and the point pointing up. If it is 180 degrees out is will dump gas with out the vacuum pulling it out of the tank.

Re: gas leak on my fa50

yeah its definitely leaking from the tank, i have a rag under my gas tank and it was soaked when i pulled the tank out

Re: gas leak on my fa50

any thoughts?

Re: gas leak on my fa50

Drain and take out the tank. See if the leak(s) is from the hose. hose connection, or the tank itself due to a split or ??? Then you can address the issue from the proper perspective.

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