A3 Tomos ,problems with lights

Steva Paralic /


I have a tomos a3 moped and have problems with front and tail light light.Are there any manuals on this problem on the internet ?,


Re: A3 Tomos ,problems with lights

Don Pflueger /

onceagain; here

did you try here’

http://www.mopedriders.org under the moped repair section? if not, try;

http://www.mopedrepairmanuals.com or,


Re: A3 Tomos ,problems with lights

Steva Paralic /

The technical manual is on the first link!

Thank you so much this is what I needed for long time.Now I can do all the repairs I need.If only I could read the electrical wiring scheme...

Thanks again,

Sasha from former Yugoslavia


Re: A3 Tomos ,problems with lights

Don Pflueger /

your welcome. reading them is not that hard, except for you have to translate the color names to whichever language you prefer. but i see your from yugoslavia, so you should be able to read it with no problem. as far as following the wires, the diagram is nothing more than a map. i used that same link to rewire my 87 tomos golden bullet. i had to translate all the colors to english. it was confusing at first.

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