Suzuki FA 50 clutch issues?

So, I recently bought this 1990 FA 50 Shuttle (with an identical parts bike I'd like to fix up if possible). It's the first moped I've ever owned, so I lack a lot of necessary basis for comparison.

The first problem it has seems to be related to the clutch. When I initially start it up, the back wheel turns. The clutch clearly isn't stuck, but it does seem to be pulling more than it ideally should. Is this normal?

Thus far I have two hypotheses:

1.) The engine idle is too high, and due to this the shoes are engaging all the time.

This seems unlikely, however, because the idle speed sounds very low... I can get it down to a sputter at times...

2.) The clutch springs are shot and I need a new set.

Possible? Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

With the exception of stopping and idling, the bike has run fine until a few days ago. I can't get it to run longer than about 10 minutes, and prior to that, I'm running a rich mixture to keep the engine from stalling until I get up to about 15 mph (i.e. I'm riding the choke a bit). The engine will just die, and be totally unresponsive for a few minutes. Then I can start it again and run just fine for another ten.

Also, after restarting the slightly warm engine, I can kill it by opening the throttle too much, particularly when I'm running a leaner mixture.

I just realized today that I've been missing the air intake screw on the carb since I bought it. (The other idle adjustment screw is stripped and appears to be stuck tight at the bottom; I will remove it a.s.a.p.) However, when I replaced the air screw, I couldn't notice any significant change in the behavior of the engine.

Could the stalling be related to my muffler? I had no trouble running the engine prior to putting the muffler on (but I didn't much, as it sounded as loud as ten lawn mowers). I'm thinking that the muffler might be almost clogged, and as it warms up, it closes up just enough to limit airflow and cause the stalls I'm seeing.

Help, even moral support, would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Suzuki FA 50 clutch issues?

It seems to me your thinking is right on track and it's just a matter of checking out the things you suspect and before long you will have it all sorted out. Is everything good and clean? Fresh gas and plug? Clogged mufflers seem to be pretty common on this forum. Are you planning a nice Bar-B-Q soon? Toss that sucker on the grill and give it a good roasting! Ha! I'm working on converting a Proma pipe for a Honda scooter to one for my FA50. I'll be posting the results when I've completed the project. Hopefully with pictures or at least a drawing or two. This is going to be my last personal gasser!! I'm going electric in the future! I now have a 48v standup scooter that will keep up with 50% of the mopeds out t here and it is totally silent, no pollution and costs about 5 cents for 12 miles charging. Next will be a 60v "killer" electric that will humble any moped on the planet! I'm stoked!! Ooops! Looks like I was on my soapbox too long! Sorry!

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