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I have an 1977 Honda express moped, I would like to replace the original air box by an after market round air filter, I would like to know if this will not do anything bad for the 4 stroke engine? If you know any good sites where I can buy parts for Honda Express please let me know.

Thank You!

Re: Honda Express Questions

Leon Swarmer /


you could run into clearance problems with an aftermarket filter. Aslo the fuel setup really changes when you mess with the filter.

But you do have a two stroke engine in that noped. You have been putting two stroke oil into the oil tank haven't you??


Re: Honda Express Questions

Jonas Quimby /

I have seen people use those style of air filters in the past.

It should work just fine, except it make cause the bike to run richer/leaner. If this is the case then you can adjust the carburator and you should have no problem.

Re: Honda Express Questions

Bill Switzer /

I would like to buy your original air box and carb cover if you go the aftermarket route. What color/condition is it and how much would you want for it?

Re: Honda Express Questions

I will not sell it because its in bad condition...

Re: Honda Express Questions

I will not sell it because its in bad condition…

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