Puch MK2 Questions

I have An 1978 Puch MK2, and I would like to fix it up... It starts and runs but the top speed is 20 mph, I do not have an air box on it so when ever I run it I cover up the air breather with a finger... do you think If i'll buy an after market air filter (round one) it would be better or it needs an original air box? Second question is, what if I have 6,000 miles on my Puch is this alot? what are the parts need to be replaced to refresh the moped? Does anybody know good sites on Internet that sell cheap parts for Puch? How about if my gas tank is so rusty what can I do to clean it out ? If you know some answers for my Questions please answer.

Thank You!

Re: Puch MK2 Questions

Anthony Castellanos /

ok first what you must do is get an airbox and clean out your carb it must be dirty as all get out. second get a new spark plug just for the hell of it. 6,000 miles hahahaha thats nothing for a puch. For the rusty tank buy a Kreem kit they never let anyone down. all this you can get on ebay and the carb well thats you job.

Re: Puch MK2 Questions

Tab Patterson /

Re: Puch MK2 Questions

I still think eastwood's tank sealer is the best, if not the easiest.


there's no shaking around of screws or chains, which tends to be a ibit tricky with a puch or similar tank-in-frame style moped. I'm currently working on my first puch and the shaking stuff is tricky.

Re: Puch MK2 Questions

Make sure you have an in line fuel filter as well, clean the exhuast pipe and port for sure, because at 6000 miles it could be fairly clogged if never cleaned. I have over 6000 miles on my bike, I wouldn't worry about that. set your points and clean them as well, tighten your chain, air in your tires,

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