carb problem

Sean Kirkpatrick /

I hope you guys can help me.

I just got a 1980 peugeot sr10 moped 49 cc motor.

The carb is give ing me grief i took it off and cleaned it and the bike stared no problem so i shut the bike off and stared working on some thing else and now the bike wont start.

i seems that i get no gas or to much of it.

I dont want to mess with the set screw till i know where to set it please i am in a binde here there ar no shops here that can help me so HELP

Re: carb problem

First what you got to do is to check if there is a good spark, if the sparkblug is wet, then dry it out, if the sparkplug gives a good spark and you cleaned out the plug and it still wont start! Then you got to make sure the hose line that carries the gas into the carb lets the gas come in, if everything is fine in the hose you will have to clean out the carb again because if you have rust in the tank it will get dirty again and again... There is one way you can check if the cyl and piston is ok just take out the sparkplug and spray little bit of gas inside the cylinder. If the cyl is ok it will fire up right away.

Re: carb problem

Sean Kirkpatrick /

Thank you for the info i have good spark and i got it to start with the gas down the cylinder starts but wont keep runing.

well i will clean the carb out and make sure i have fule to the carb


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