Cimatti dying

My cimatti is just random;y dying while i ride it. It will be going fine for a few hundered yards, then this whining/grinding noise sets in and get louder and louder untill the engine just stops. However, when i run it with the decompression lever held down, it doesn't do it (usually) and the moped actually runs better. Any ideas?

Re: Cimatti dying

Yikes! That isn't a decompresion lever, its a clutch. When you pull that cable, two peices in the engine wear together to make the engine connect with the drive chain. You may need to have us look at your clutch pieces to see if they are worn or fused.

Also, that could be the sound of a seizing engine. In fact, the more i think about it, the more likely it sounds. You may need a bigger jet, more oil in your gas, or you may be running with too much air flow into the carb. You could also have an air leak. Does your bike smoke at all? What does the spark plug look like?

Re: Cimatti dying

Also, your Biturbo is in. You should get that bike down to us so i or dave can look it over and install the pipe.

Re: Cimatti dying

Yeah, i realized it was the clutch, possibly a bit too late?

And i believe it is a seizing engine. I'm no expert, but i'm definatly going from 25-5 in about 3 seconds, and something's ure as hell seizing up. No smoke, spark looks good as far as i can tell. I think oil is good, but not positive.

What's will need to be done it is a seizing engine?

I will be down to the shop in a few days for the bi-turbo. Any word on the carb yet?

Re: Cimatti dying

You might as well forget biturbo now, for a while, or at least you get that engine rebuilt. Thats if it did seize. But it dont sound good whatever it is...

Re: Cimatti dying

It might not be so bad as you think, but agree that good running condition comes before performance. However, it may just be something simple, and any damage done to the cylinder could very well be slight.

We have a carb for your bike, but i want to get a slightly different one. I'll talk to you about it when you come up.

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