I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

Ok this is what I am looking for.

Battery ( at some point in this bike's life it had a lantern battery crammed in it )

Kickstart shaft ( the one that goes into the engine )

possibly an ignition coil ( 30500-035-003 ) that's the Honda part number from what I can gather. The wire is what is in bad shape but it is connected to the coil.

Air Filter ( I can't find it anywhere, any tips her would be great )

A horn as mine doesn't work.

any sections of a service manual possible...

And for the hell of it, I'll throw in the question of.. what is the best way to add blinkers to a bike built without them?

Hey if anyone has these things or any small number of them, let me know and I will Paypal you some $$ for them if you promise to ship them to me.

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

first, does it have the OHC or the push rod motor? I can hook you up the manual for either, but I need to know which one you need

the battery is easy to come by, you can get it at any Honda dealer, or a million places online.

The coil should be able to be purchased at a Honda dealer as well, they are pretty generic.

horn is near universal, any Honda one from a small bike should work, find out if it is 6 or 12 volt(I may have one)

get a pic of the airfilter and I should be able to help you

the kickstart shaft is the hard one, MOST Honda 50 motors the shafts will interchange, even though they may have different part number, I found one on ebay, but I'm pretty sure you have to crack the cases to change the shaft, I'll have to look

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

push rod motor

battery is easy to fin... I found it allready as well as the coil.

Horn sounds easy but i have to finish checking the wiring, make sure what the issue is.

I will have to snap a photo of the air filter, it looks like hell right now.

kickstart is my biggest concern, i don't want to pay 50$ for one.. guess I am a bit cheap.

That manual would be great though..

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

BTW the bike is a 6v system

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

Leon Swarmer /

Define kick start shaft please.

the hinged part that your foot actually contacts with?

The arm it hinges from with the female splines?

The male shaft coming horizonatally out from the engine?

Are you sure you want to put turn signals on it??seems like a royal pain.



Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

I'll dig up the manual and get you a link, keep watching on ebay for the shaft, I got mine for $5, but $50 isn't that bad if it is new, there is a guy on ebay that has the shaft an kickstart lever in a package deal. Like i said I'm pretty sure you will have to crack the cases to do the kickstart shaft. Yep, I just looked in the manual and you do have to split the cases to do the shaft


The male shaft coming out of the engine is the part I need. I have the other piece. The shaft itself is good, it is just stripped down to a nub. I have thought of taking it out and having it machined to spec. But that might cost more than a part.

As far as turn signals, I think I can do it with little effort as I am fairly handy with electronics... used to be a career of mine. So the work involved isn't the issue. It is more so how to tap into a controlled voltage on the bike and add lights and a flasher.

Also that manual will be a life saver, as I just bought new points and would much rather read the manual then to try and figure it out myself. Also I think the timing might be a little off and the manual would help with that greatly.

Thanks again. Hope to hear back from you on that manual.

wanna go real cheap??

Leon Swarmer /

Look at what the P O did on my ct200.


you might not want to do it if the rest of the arm is good though


Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

hopefully this works, you can see the basics of the pushrod in these three sections, clearences etc., I will try to find the full thing that will cover the tranny too, if I can't I have it right here and I can help you out.

"Part 1": http://gmail.google.com/gmail?view=att&disp=attd&attid=0.1&th=ff75748c9ca00fd

"Part 2": http://gmail.google.com/gmail?view=att&disp=attd&attid=0.2&th=ff75748c9ca00fd

"Part 3": http://gmail.google.com/gmail?view=att&disp=attd&attid=0.3&th=ff75748c9ca00fd

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

Could you repost those? or e-mail them to me?


I tried to click the links and they just go to g-mail...

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

it worked last time I tried it, go to yahoo groups and join Honda Cub Club, it is there under files.

Its free you just need a yahoo e-mail address

I'll keep looking for the other one.

Re: I need parts for a Honda 50 (C110)

Leon Swarmer /

see ya there




ct90's are the trail bikes, but they have great folk and some are condsidering the Chinese engines..most think it's a bad idea,.


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