ignition wires snapped

Hey all,

Some jackass snapped my ignition wires on my 1981 Honda C70. The bike still kicks over but only the head light works. I suppose nothing else would work without the ignition is that correct? If i splice all the wires back together, would it all be better? I can't believe someone did that to my bike.

Thanks everyone,


Re: ignition wires snapped

Ben Van Zoest /

Yea, there are a lot of creeps out there too bad as the say this is a free country to each his own...File a police report. Before you splice the wires, work-in a metalic flex tube to hide the wires! Good luck man

Re: ignition wires snapped

This is the wires to the key switch,right? I would repair it ASAP to original. www.dratv.com will have the switch or anything you need, or if not, www.westernhillshonda.com


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