Yes, Puch Maxi repair

Hey ya'll, I just decided to get into the mopeding world after a hiatus from my Yamaha Razz scooter at age 15. I bought this 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe and it won't start. I ran through all the other posts for info: checked the carb for deposits, changed the plug (gapped correctly), changed the airbox, changed trans fluid. Nothing seems to be doing it. The engine kicks over, but will not keep running. If I hold the clutch, it will run for a few seconds, but then dies. This sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.

Re: Yes, Puch Maxi repair

Steve Murphy /

Could be a lot of different things.

Fred says it really well in his guide: If you have fuel, air, compression and spark, these things don't have any choice but to run.

First thing I'd do is check for fuel flow; if you cleaned the carb, check to see if the petcock is operating properly by disconnecting the line to the carb and opening the valve, it should flow freely.

Then I'd check the spark, does the plug have a nice blue spark, or is it orange? It should be blue. Check the points, condenser and wiring, including the kill switch, horn and lights. Some manufacturers run the ignition through these things, though I don't think Puch does (?).

If all this checks good, check for air leaks around the carb, intake tube, jug and head.

Last thing I'd look for is weak compression (unless I suspected the bike had been abused or has a ton of miles on it). You should use a guage to do it right, but you can get an idea if it's really bad by removing the plug and covering the hole with your thumb while someone cranks the engine over. It should pop your thumb off the hole pretty easily.

Hope this helps.

Re: Yes, Puch Maxi repair

Steve Murphy /

I forgot to add this: drop the exhaust pipe and make sure it's not blocked with crud. This usually will build up right where it mounts to the head.

Re: Yes, Puch Maxi repair

Jason Luther /

does it have the airfilter on?-jason

Re: Yes, Puch Maxi repair

clean your carb, exhaust port, exhaust.

Re: Yes, Puch Maxi repair

Thanx you all for your help and advice, especially Steve, who made me take a second look at the spark plug. The wiring was bad, so no power was getting to the plug. After some minor adjustments, I got the ped running. Thanx again!

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