PA 50 parts??

Richard Riedling Ii /

So while going trough the new to me 1983 PA50-II, I decided to do the transmission mod that has been posted in various forms on this site. Well, The inside of mine is toast. The weights had been rolling around loose and gouged the aluminum so bad that they wont roll properly even if I replaced the metal clips that hold them in.

I've got pictures if someone wants to see, but I'm looking for that assembly. I'd be willing to buy another PA50-II as a parts bike is someone can point me in the right direction.

If I can't find one, I guess my PA50-II will turn into a PA50-I.

Thanks in Advance!

Re: PA 50 parts??

Richard Riedling Ii /


Re: PA 50 parts??

Edward Edwards /

Try they carry items like what you described, some times they're out of them but they usually have them.The web site shows all the current items they have for sale for a pa50, their shipping charges are not to bad somewhere around $6.00. If you don't know what the item number is, call them to make sure you have it right. I have never had a problem with them. Hope this helps.

Re: PA 50 parts??

You don't need the ramp plate? Just the weight/clip assembly?

Send me a picture of exactly what you need and I can take a look. I should have what you need.

Re: PA 50 parts??

Richard Riedling Ii /

I emailed you a couple of pictures... I do need the plate the weights themselves "roll" in as well as a few of the weights. 2 of my weights look OK, ut the collars are shot.

Re: PA 50 parts??

Richard Riedling Ii /

Where did you go???

I'm waiting to hear back from western hills honda... funny thing, they are 15 minutes away from me here in Cincy if anyone ever needs anything and the shipping is too high :)

anyone else know of a parts ped or another resource?


Re: PA 50 parts?? seems to have a big stock of honda PA50 bits; i was looking thru their online catalog yesterday.

i've not ordered anything from these guys yet though, does anyone have anything to say about their service? i was going to buy some stuff through them in a week or two.

Re: PA 50 parts??

Do you know where to get a drive belt for a PA50II?


Re: PA 50 parts??


I have a 1978 PA50II and got around to opening up the variator yesterday.

I also have the instructions about modifing the variator hub but mine did not look like the one in the photos.

The one in the photos shows the ramp plate with three protrusions that engage in the hub. By deepening the notches in the hub the ramp plate would be able to squeeze farther together making the ratio higher and the bike go faster.

On my bike the ramp plate fits completely inside the hub so there is nothing to notch out. I did take the keepers out though. Didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

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