Biturbo exhaust note?

Curious - What does a Puch Maxi sound like with a biturbo muffler? Louder, softer or just different? Would this type of muffler boost my low end speed?



Re: Biturbo exhaust note?

im not sure about a puch maxi, but on my targa lx, it sounds to me like a 50cc dirtbike kinda

Re: Biturbo exhaust note?

A good strong idle is about a D3 flat

Re: Biturbo exhaust note?

Is that by ear or did you use an electronic tuner?

Re: Biturbo exhaust note?

p;ease tell me you used a electronic tuner.

Re: Biturbo exhaust note?

Steve Murphy /

It's a little louder, not too much, though, and has that "fart in a tin can" sound, like some dirt bikes. As far as the low end, some say yes, some say no, I think it helped a little all the way around, mostly at the high end.

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