Garelli Rallysport runs cold then loses power

Hey Hey,

My Garelli Rallysport is one hell of a moped (when it's running) she's peppy and a good ride all the way around.

However that generally means the first 5 minutes of operation - before the engine heats up. After that the engine continues to run but grabbing the throttle provides no power at all. It's just idles along pulling me with it at about 5mph from the 25-30 that it was doing right out of the garage.

It does idle very very loudly and I noticed that it does not have an idle jet inside the carb. So I'm not sure how to adjust it - could that be my problem?

Please Help.



Re: Garelli Rallysport runs cold then loses power

I am wondering if you have an air-inleakage around the intake,carb, or cyl. to base? When you get it running, if you drip some carb cleaner or WD-40 around the connections and the rpm changes, you have some inleakage.

The most common cause of thiss,though, is a dirty carb.or a plugged banjo filter or petcock. don-ohio

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