Hose at the botton of the carb

James Aasman /

Can anyone tell me what the hose at the bottom of the float bowl on my carb is for? There's a screw that can open/close the flow from the hose, and right now it is closed all the way. The hose does not connect to anything other than the carb.

What would happen if I adjusted the screw?

Re: Hose at the botton of the carb

Don Pflueger /

its to keep the fuel from running all over your bike when you open the drain screw. it also allows you to drain it into a container, making you enviromentaly friendly.

Re: Hose at the botton of the carb

Richard Riedling Ii /

This is the screw that drains the carb bowl of gasoline. If you open it up enough, gas should start flowing out the end of the tube. IF you do this with the gas turned to "on", you might end up with a gallon of gasoline onthe ground!! :-)

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