83 Honda PA50-II help!

Richard Riedling Ii /

I found this moped for sale at a yard sale for $10 because it didnt run. After I got it home, disassembled and cleaned the carb, added a new plug and battery, It only runs with the choke on (and runs OK just no top end). I thought it needed an air filter (As it was absent) to increase resistance. Added that with the same results. The air screw is 1 1/2 turns out and moving it around doesnt have much affect... anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

Re: 83 Honda PA50-II help!

Don Pflueger /

you need to reclean the carb. this time, run a piece of wire thru every hole you find in the body and its parts. make sure the bowl is on in the right direction.

also, check your head bolt torque. 10 ft/lbs is what they need to be. install an air box if you dont have one. the mixture screws on all hondas are a long taper. so they dont change much at all when you adjust them. it takes years of fine tuned hearing to know where thwe right setting is. 1 1/4- 1 1/2 turns out should be good.

Re: 83 Honda PA50-II help!

Richard Riedling Ii /

To be clear, the drain screw on the bottom of the bowl should be on the SAME side as the choke lever?? (The Right side as you sit on the moped)..

I think my emulsion tube is causing my problem. I'm going to take the carb back apart, make sure I have the bowl oriented properly, and "push" that tube out from under the main jet.

I'll post some results tomorrow.


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