PA-50 general questions

Hi everybody,

I just bought a Honda Hobbit, 1978 model. I have it running pretty well but I have a few questions the manual doesnt seem to cover.

It has about 4900 miles on it. I think the muffler may need to be cleaned. The manual says to clean it but doesnt say how. What is the method to clean the muffler? I notice there is a 17mm (19 maybe?) access bolt. Blast a torch in there? Any advice?

Also I have the 1983 manual that is available as PDF but none of the wiring diagrams in there seem to quite apply exactly to my model. Specifically my question is the function of the small rectangular box attached to the frame above the engine. It seems to have something to do with the ignition, since the black/yellow wire and black/white wires go to it. (from points and coil) Does anybody know what this little thingy does? Anyone have the proper schematic for this machine?

Im using a Champion L86C plug - is this right? This is my first moped - it is a lot of fun.

Thanks for any help


PA-50 general questions

First, read "Fred's Guide", located in the Resources section of this site.

Search this forum and the 'General' forum for techniques to clean your muffler.

There are Manuals at, but I think the only one they have is the '83, which you already have - Sorry.

Looks like you have the right plug according to the Champion cross-reference here:

Welcome and Good Luck!!

Re: PA-50 general questions

Go to and ask Fred. HE knows, and so does Lenny. don-ohio

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