Need help

I was having trouble with my 1982 honda exress. At first i would have to sit at idle for a little bit before it would get going. Now it will not get past 5 mph. I think it is getting to much gas and oil. First I thought it was the carbuerator. So i replaced it entirly. But it still shoots out alot of smoke (mostly blue) will not rev high and wont go over 5mph. If someone could tell me what to do or give some advice i would appreciate it very much. Also I am trying to sell it if anybody wants it throw me a price. Thanks


Re: Need help

Jason Luther /

get a new plug, and check your timing

Re: Need help

Don Pflueger /

clean out your exhaust, and the exhaust port.

Re: Need help

I dunno.........that 1982........does it have a manual choke cable? Make sure it isn't sticking. I could look it up,I guess. If it had an electrical or auto-choke, it would exhibit these symptoms if it stuck partially shut. don-ohio

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