Cimatti City Bike Electrical

My Cimatti City bike runs fine, got it off ebay for $130ish. But the kill switch does not work at all and has led me to try some interesting and dangerous methods of killing the engine (spark plug cap - youch).

Can someone tell me what to look for in the kill switch mechanism? I only have one wire going to/from it, so i assume it's fucked. Let me know what I need, please.

Re: Cimatti City Bike Electrical


Re: Cimatti City Bike Electrical

Leon Swarmer /


My Garelli has one wire going to the kill switch.

It simply grounds the electrical system to the handlebar.

Try putting the wire (bare wire) to the handlebar if it kills the engine, you can buy a cheap switch to ground it,


Re: Cimatti City Bike Electrical

Yes....that wire is split off the ignition wire to the coil. As long as it doesn't contact, the `ped runs............when the switch connects it to the frame or handlebars, the engine dies. don-ohio

Re: Cimatti City Bike Electrical

Yeah, thanks, i guess it just wasn't grounded.

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