1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Me and my friend each have '78 ciaos. I got mine for 100 bucks not running and since then it seems to alternate between being on the road and being on the street. I would like it to get to a somewhat stable point. Here is my question:

when I got it, it went about 28 mph. Then it broke down an hour after we got it running. My friend and I stripped it down, trying to locate the problem. In the meantime, we discovered a piston ring had snapped. We replaced the rings and a gasket, cleaned the carb, and IT RAN. However, it now went 20 mph. Then the carb kept clogging. I de-rusted the tank, installed a filter, and rebuilt the carb. Great. Now it went about 19 mph and I experienced some symptoms of four-stoking.

I played around with the jets and bought the right spark plug.

IN the mean time, winter came to NY, and I stored it in my friend's basement. This spring, it barely would do 15. I highly suspect the crankcase gasket, as all the bolts worked themselves loose. I re-torked them all, with some minor effect. Needles to say, I tried to get parts. I have tried vespasupershop with great success in the past. Now they are supposedly moving... I would like to get my ped on the road for good, and at the right speed. Do I need to rebuild the entire engine

(again?). Where should I get parts? DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PED? Any reply would be appreciated. Could I possibly have damaged it by running without a muffler that first hour (it was clogged w/carbon)?

Re: 1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Bruce Wilkinson /

You are Describing what my Vespa Si has. I tried everything I know and finally gave in and it sat all summer. I came to the conclusion that it has a gremlin living inside it. Sorry I can't help you. If you do fix it ,let me know what it was.

As for parts, Vespasupershop is no more. Zippy mopeds seems to have parts now. Or Angelo in Italy. bruce

Re: 1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Check your diagrams carefully...Does that model have a 'head" gasket, or just a "base" gasket. I have several Piaggios, a Grande, and a Si and they don't have a gasket between the head and the cylinder block. Apparently they are milled fine enough they don't need them. If you have a gasket there, it may be causing a compression leak. Have you done a compression test? Good luck...

Re: 1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Is the bike stock or did you make mods to it?

Do a compression test should be around 100-140. Make sure the throttle is open full when you do the compression test.

Did you get any oil or grease on the Vbelt or clutch pads or pulleys?

Did you chek the gear oil in the final reduction gear in the rear hub. Takes 80-90 wt gear oil.

Which way did you put the spacer that goes on the draft shaft before the clucth goes on? The spacer is shaped like a hat with a brim. The brim goes against the engine with the top of the hat pointed outwards away form the engine.

Does the Vbelt have proper tension? Do you need a new belt?

How are your clutch pads (starter and main pads)?

What number jet do you have in the carb?

I have parts or can order if I don't have them in stock.

Re: 1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Thanks alot...

Next chance I get I will try the tips you gave, Zippy. To answer frankman, I did not try to put a head gasket on where there shouldn't be one. That's one thing off the list anyway. If all else fails I will be ordering parts.

Re: 1978 Vespa Ciao Repair

Leon Swarmer /

you haven't mentioned cleaning points or checking timing yet.

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