somebody help please

here is my setup, ive got a 1980 puch maxi with the 70cc airsal kit, stock delotoro carb, and a biturbo pipe. im currently running a 68 jet but its too big any suggestions on what size?

Re: somebody help please

buy a #66, 64. that should get you in the ballpark.

Re: somebody help please

Sounds like you may not have your airbox open enough for the #68 jet. Before I would be doing anything, I'd make sure the airbox isn't too restrictive.

Paul is right,though, if you're getting enough air. don-ohio

Re: somebody help please

Bobby Smith /

i have no filter so i know its no air restriction. its gotta be the jet because before i rebuilt the motor it ran fine but as i rebuilt the motor i resealed everything and it started doing this.

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