Puch rear wheel hub/axle/bearings

David Williams /

Ok, bad news. One of my rear wheel bearings sort of shattered. My wheel hub has 2 bearings in it. Since it shattered, the center of the axle was mangled too.

Does anyone know of any good place that would sell a 12mm axle, and a set of bearings I need?


Re: Puch rear wheel hub/axle/bearings

Warren Gillette /

Mopedwarehouse, Ikesbikes, etc.. You could also get a whole new wheel off of eBay for a reasonable price. Just confirm with the seller that the axel and bearings are in good running condition.

Re: Puch rear wheel hub/axle/bearings

David Williams /

Ha, my new helmet just came today too. damn.

When I inspected the one bearing that didnt' shatter, I saw that it was about to fail as well. The bearing basket, or casing, was cracking. If you look at the attached pic, you'll see part #2, a spacer. My hub was missing this spacer. I'm thinking due to my speed kit speed increase, combined with the lack of spacer, the bearings failed.

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