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I recently aquired a 1980 Honda PA50 II and after much work, it runs but only at mid to high RPM. It just dies at anything lower. I have cleaned out the carb several times, have cleaner the airfilter, put in new good gas, cleaned the head and piston, decarbonized the pipe etc. Any ideas to get this baby to idle or worrk at all at lower rpms?

Re: honda PA50 II ideas

My guess is the carb still has issues. Make sure the float bowl is installed correctly. Nowhere in the tech data does it tell you that you can install it 180 out. THe fuel drain on the exterior(float bowl) should be point to the right!

Re: honda PA50 II ideas

Don Pflueger /

two thingsare possibly bad.

cranksealon the magneto side

leaking cylinder base gasket.

try to retorque the head bolts to 10 ft/lbs. if that doesnt help, get a new base gasket and crankseal from the reason theengine wont idle is because it is losing vacuum at low rpm and cannot draw fuel from the carb to maintain idle. it is possible that thecarb has a dirty idle circuit. but if you cleaned thecarb thoroughly, and ran a piece of wire thru every hole in the carb body and its parts, you should be ok. putting the bowl on backwardscauses the float to bind and affects all ranges of rpm.

Re: honda PA50 II ideas

Alex Ringrose /

Thanks for the idea guys, i will go try them out and post back! - Alex

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