2 cycle oil help

Hello, I'm pretty new to mopeds and when my recently purchased 1979 honda express ran out of oil, I went to the honda dealer and bought this stuff manufactured by honda and it works great except it's $5.50 a quart. I was looking at cheaper 2 cycle mix oil, but the TCW III labeling made me nervous. I was wondering if I can use TCW III, 2 cycle outboard oil, or any other 2 cycle oil for that matter that will work good in a honda express. I just don't want to hurt my new baby. Thanks.


Re: 2 cycle oil help

the tcw III oil is pretty good

people use it all the time in their peds with no problems

It is actually pretty clean burning too because the specifications for 2 stroke outboard engines are higher because the exhaust is put into the water


2 cycle oil help

Pretty good discussion about this topic here":


Synthetic Blend Pennzoil Marine 2-Stroke oil at Walmart seems to get good reviews from very experienced riders, and it's less than $10 a gallon.

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