rusty tank/Kreem

Found a mint 1977 puch moped with 150 miles on it. Got it running after a quick tank/carb clean, then ceased up the engine after rust and varnish from the tank worked its way down in to the jug. Got that free again, cleaned the tank with acid, flushed it with a garden hose and thought I had it. Then the tank flash rusted again. Thinking about using Kreem to coat the tank, but worried about how it will apply. Seems to be made for tanks that can be removed ANy advice on how this stuff works?

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Bruce Wilkinson /

Read the post " Just got Kreem, tips please" from a few days ago. bruce

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I just kreemed my 77 puch. When you do the acid, make sure you use acetone to dry all of the water out. It won't flash rust. As far as kreeming it, it's a pain in the ass. Just rotate your bike every which way you can. I suggest letting it dry all the way, then doing it again. Mine works perfectly now

Re: rusty tank/Kreem

Robert Mcgraw /

where do you get this kreem stiff

Re: rusty tank/Kreem


tab just redid a magnum, canme out great,and he stands by this stuff.

Re: rusty tank/Kreem

Ramsey Beyer /

hey. i got it from here:

you can find it at most motorcyle shops though if you'd like to save on shipping. its pretty pricey. 30-35 usually for a kit.

Re: rusty tank/Kreem

Curtis Onstott /

I'm not all that hot on Kreem. It's soluble in a lot of the additives they are putting in gas these days. I've been using a product from POR-15

Works very well, but make sure you get every last flake of rust before applying it.

Re: rusty tank/Kreem

Tab Patterson /

Yeah...that stuff I used was much better than kreem. I used kreem once and vowed to never use it again. That epoxy from caswell worked great and is holding up just fine. It strengthen the tank, too.

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