fa50 oil pump isnt working

what can cause the oil pump to not work on my 80 fa50, its not powered by electricity it it? i thought it was ran by a gear in the transmission?

anyway today i filled my oil tank up and started it up and the pump was getting oil to it but it wasnt spitting any out of the line that goes to the reed valve

any thoughts?

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

Anthony Castellanos /

what i would do is dissconnect the oil pump and just mix my gas an oil

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

Good idea, but you could also replace the oil lines to see if there is an obstruction or some other damage to the lines. Also use a wire to clean out the fittings all along the way. Then a little air to blow things out. Plus, I think I read that you must "prime" the oil pump once you have worked on it. Check the manual for details.

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

i would probly clean it real good- lines too - and if it still doesnt work you can disconnect it and mix your fuel. but make sure you block off the lines if you do this. if you don't your carb could get too much air,

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

yeah ive mixed my last 2 tanks, what would the effects be if my carb got too much air?

how should i block them off?

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

does 32:1 sound good?

Re: fa50 oil pump isnt working

On the FA50 the oil injection bypasses the carb and goes directly into the crankcase (kinda odd, but it must work) so I don't think you have to take that precaution. What do the experts say?

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