Anyone know anything about Honda S65's?

Robert Gosnell /

Hello,i have a 1968 Honda s65 motorcycle/scooter.I guess you can classify this as a scooter because it is a two stroke.My problem with the bike is that i think im not getting enough ground on the electrical.When they say a ignition is internally grounded,where is the grounding point?the coils?the condensor?So if anyone has any opinions let me know.i would like to get this bike up and running.



Re: Anyone know anything about Honda S65's?

Leon Swarmer /

First of all, I bet it isn't two stroke.


You have a 4 speed, ohc, manual clutch motorcycle.

the entire frame is the ground on this bike.

Check the battery, buy a new plug and points.

points are behind the circle plate on the left side of the bike.

Near the kick starter there is a screw in dipstick. Unscrew it, wipe it off put it in without screwing it in and take a reading.

Good luck,

Looks like fun.


Re: Anyone know anything about Honda S65's?

If its the original motor its not a two stroke, it is a 70cc 4 stroke, everything 50 said, what do you mean by not getting enough ground? What is happening? You can find the manual online, it is the same motor used on the CT70-H and several other bikes, I can probably link you to one if you need it.

Re: Anyone know anything about Honda S65's?

The Honda 65 makes me drool.................I have always loved that little motorcycle, and DON'T call it a `snail'! don-ohio

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