puch 2-speed crank bearings

I was wondering how hard it is to replace the crankshaft bearings on a puch 2-speed. The bearings I found for it on 50cc.nl were 35 dollars and I need both of them. I think I might try and just get regular bearings for cheaper. The ones on 50cc.nl were the same kind as came in the engine, the races came out of the two halfs, kind of strange. Does anyone who has taken one of these apart know if this would work?

Re: puch 2-speed crank bearings

well, I found that 6203 bearings which are 17x40x10 will work for the mag side and that nobody seems to have the bearing for the clutch side. It needs to be 20x47x12 and the only thing I can find is 20x47x14 which is too wide. you don't need angular load bearings I don't think becasue most other motors don't have them this way. Its just more convientiant to work on.

the seals are 17 and 20 id and both of them have 35 od.

Re: puch 2-speed crank bearings

Nope, I read wrong. regular bearins are 2mm wider than I need.

Thanks for all the help!

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