Puch rear wheel seizing up

Jackson Coppernoll /

The rear wheel on my 78 Puch is barly turning, takes like 1/4 throttle to get it to move. I think the bearings went out. How hard is it to change them. Are they a standard bearing I can get at a parts store or a Puch part I must order. This ped is so much fun but I can't keep it roadworthy for more than 2 days, very frusturating.


Re: Puch rear wheel seizing up

Jason Luther /

im not sure of the exact size, but there are 11 loose bearings per side. you should be able to match the size locally. they are easy to change/lubricate, just take the hub apart slowly as the bearings will come pouring out, since theyre loose. your problem may just be the hub nuts are too tight, or perhaps your brake isnt fully retracting. -jason

Re: Puch rear wheel seizing up

Call Ike at 1-937-446-2115 or Handy Bikes at 1-614-299-0550 for new ball bearings and punch out the new outer race(bearing cup) from the wheel and replace with new. Check that your axle is straight and replace the inner bearing cones too.

Grease well and adjust them allowing a teeny amount of play when you reassemble. As you tighten the axle nuts, make sure the inner cones don't change adjustment.

Sealed bearings are better,but came later. don-ohio

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