FA50 wont start!...PLEASE HELP ASAP

sorry for such a long post but please read it i really need help

If you read my earlier post , i said i put a new top end my my 1980 fa50 it was running pretty good, but the throttle wouldnt spring back and it got stuck sometimes so i ordered a new one from bike bandit.

Well tonight i was struggling to put it in, i had to pull it through the frame with a coat hanger because the fishing line i used to tie the old one to it broke and the old one came out by itself, anyway the new one was such a pain to get through the frame , it kept getting stuck. I gave one good tug and the plastic part broke that holds the throttle adjustment piece to the cable. After a little more work i got it through and got it hooked up i tried to start up the bike and it wouldnt start!!!!

it was running 20 min before i changed the throttle cable

So i guess my question is did mess something up inside the frame while i was trying to rip the cable through, ir is it just not starting because the throttle cable isn't hooked up

It does have spark, and fuel

please help me i only got to ride it for a total if 5 min since i got it running

Re: FA50 wont start!...PLEASE HELP ASAP

Leon Swarmer /

If you have good spark and fuel you prolly didn't mess anything up badly in the frame.

I'm betting it is just the throttle cable.


Re: FA50 wont start!...PLEASE HELP ASAP

Isn't it a bitch getting all four cables through the front and rear frame holes. It's a true exercise in patience. You just have to keep cussing under your breath until the "fishing" wire clears everything in there and slips back out with the cable or wire still on the end! Not a bit of help, but worth noting! I was going to say you might have pulled the lead off the spark regulator as it is hidden in the frame, but if you have spark, it is still intact. Just be patient and go over everythink in a systematic manner and you will be successful...I hope!

Re: FA50 wont start!...PLEASE HELP ASAP

welll it turned out i had the throttle cable installed in the carb incorrectly, so all is good now, its running strong as ever

thanks guys

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