Morini Won't Pop

My morini motor won't pop. I bought it from a guy who said the magneto wasn't working. when I took off the engine one of the wires was cut. so I fixed that and put it back in.

I can get the magneto going but there seems to be some problem in the transfer of power from pedals to gas. when I pull the clutch the magneto spins and everything, but pulling back the throttle doesn't make it accelerate, it just slows down and dies. here's what I've done so far:

cleaned the carb

checked points

checked cylinder and piston

changed spark plug

checked compression (not gauged it)

and I think that's it. now here's what I've found out. If I put gas into the spark plug whole, then put the plug back in, it'll pop a few times. I think there's a problem in getting my gas from my carb to my piston.

any suggestions?

Re: Morini Won't Pop

Don Pflueger /

simple test.

spray carb cleaner in thecarb throat and try to start it. if it fires and runs, you have a fuel problem. if it does nothing, you have an electrical or compression problem. so pull the plug and check for spark. if no spark, clean and gap your points to .014"-.016". if it has spark,use a gauge and get a compression reading. you need to have 120lbs or higher.

the franco morini uses three wires from its magneto. two hot leads and one ground. use a meter to determine which leads produces the lower voltage and plug that wire into the + side of the ignition coil. the wire that does not provide power needs to be tested with an ohm meter to ensure the points are opening and closing. if so,plug this wire into the - side of the ignition coil. doing this eliminates the entire electrical system except for the parts needed to get spark.

make sure you have adequate (sp?) fuel flow from the tank to thecarb. clean the carb using a fine piece of wire and run it thru every hole you can find in thecarb body and its parts.

also check your exhaust port and baffle to ensure they are not plugged up.

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