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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have moded my 1979 Puch maxi and was hoping to get some more power out of it. Actually, so far most things have gone pretty good but I think that I am still lacking all the power that I should have. So far I have upgraded the piston/cylinder(is now 70cc) and I put a more powerful bit turbo exhaust. I still only hit a top speed of about 35mph. Which was better then what I was doing but still lower then I expect. I am assuming that the bottle neck right now is my old bing carb. I think it is like a 14 or 15mm intake, and I am not sure if it is even fully operational. I was wondering if any one could help me out as to what kind of carb I can buy to go along with the rest of my upgrades. I have been looking on ebay and stuff and I just have no real clue what brand I can get, how big I can go, and just what will fit? Any and all help or suggestions with either the carb or any other ideas about improving performance will be graciously accepted.

Thanks for reading.


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Well, in the writing it says that you have 14 or 15mm intake manifold and your carburetor size (mm's) should correspond to the size of the intake manifold; like if your carb is 15mm so should your intake manifold. But since you have a larger cylinder than stock, you should get a bigger carburetor. They sell Bing 17mm carbs at mopedwarehouse.com but you'd probably want to get a "Dellorto" SHA model carb (I don't know what sizes the different models are) that they also sell at mopedwarehouse, or the last other option of an "Amal" 17mm carb but those have a lever opperated choke so you would have to by that and the cable seperatly. If you don't want to do any of this then maybe you should get a bigger jet for your carb. I hope this helps

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Adam Mallo /

That does help... I knew that I would have to get a larger intake manifold as well. I just wasn't really sure which model of Dellorto or Amal that I could go with. So if I go with the Dellorto I can still use the same throttle cable? I actually did resize my jet and while it did help a bit I don't think it gave me everything I thought it would. One thing that I can tell you is that if I open up my throttle all the way the engine seems to die out... so it almost seems like it is getting to much gas or something. I will look into the Dellorto SHA model and the Bing 17s... thanks for the advice.

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Steve Murphy /

Hi Adam,

Before you go and spring for a new carb and intake, I'd suggest that you get your current set-up tuned properly. From what you said, I'd be willing to bet that your jet is still too small and that your engine is going way lean at full throttle. Remove the airbox and cover part of the carb's intake with a piece of duct tape and see if the bogging stops or gets better, if it does, you need more fuel/bigger jet.

You touched on it yourself when you said you're not getting everything out of it that you thought you would. If it's not running well, you're better off correcting the problem before deciding to spend more money on upgrades.

Just my $.02 worth...

Have fun!


Re: Puch Fixings

Jason Luther /

my stock maxi 12mm carb uses a 64 jet. i removed the snorkle from the airbox. steves right, try a larger jet (buy the next 2 sizes) youll probably gain a few more mph.-jason

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