puch maxi front forks

anyone know where i can get the complete inner spring assembly for the front forks on a 1978 puch maxi? my old forks were bent and when i removed the springs they were bent, etc. i can't find them anywhere. any help would be great.

Re: puch maxi front forks

i'm sure one of the shops can help you.


Re: puch maxi front forks

Tyler Jacobson /

whole forks go any where from a buck to 10 bucks on ebay just get a new one

Re: puch maxi front forks

i can give you a puch Mag rear wheel for $15


email me if u want it

Re: puch maxi front forks

oops thought you said front brakes

oh well it is like 12:30am

Re: puch maxi front forks

If you can't find replacement springs for front fork, or the whole fork for that matter in US, you can get it from this Dutch website: www.puchshop.nl.

I think forks are $32 and up Euro and springs $4 Euro plus shipping.

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