moped stalls fa50

got a fa50 1983

when riding she seems to stall when i slow down

any sugestions?

sometimes hard to start and i get a gass smell?

sorry a bout stupid question i know nothing

just starting out use to have one when i was a kid but my dad fixed everything for me(lol) now that i am 40 guess it is time for me to start learning

thanks for any help

Re: moped stalls fa50

Is your fuel lever in the "ON" position and not the "PRI"? I'm no expert, but sounds like maybe the float in the carb bowl is not working or adjusted properly. Anybody else with an opinion? I'll get that manual out to you today, so you will be an expert like your dad in no time. Ha!

Re: moped stalls fa50

Don Pflueger /

try a new spark plug first. thats the easiest and cheapest repair. 90% of all small engine problems are fuel related. so i would start at the top and go thru the entire fuel system thoroughly. the gas cap has a vent. is it clear? is the tank clean and rust free? is there good fuel flow from the petcock (shut off valve)? is the filter on the petcock clean? is the fuel line in good shape and clean? is the carb clean inside?

all these questions cover the entire fuel system

but you may have another problem elsewhere. you said its hard to start so, this again leads me to believe you have a fuel issue, but if everything i asked is clean and you have good fuel flow, then you need to check compression with a want to see 120 lbs or higher. anything lower indicates a problem someplace, either worn rings or bad seal.

but stalling as you slow down orstop may be a bad crank shaft seal, or sticking clutch which does not disengage and allow the engine to run freely as the bike stops. go thru the fuel system first and do a compression test. once that is complete we can figure out whats wrong if the problem persists.

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