Garelli Rallysport

I just recently acquired a Garelli Rallysport at a swap meet and brought her home. Does not run. Has NO SPARK I pulled the right side magneto cover and seen that there is about a 1/4 inch gap between the raised knob on the cam and the point so as the cam was spinning there was no contact therefore no points break, therefore no spark.

Question is - does that raised metal flange on the cam wear down - OR do i have the wrong point installed?

I don't know. I understand the basics of points "technology" and no that contact has to be made.

SO is there a place anyone knows of where I can buy a new point or maybe a used magnet/point plate off a working garelli.

Also - if anyone just has an opinion of this bike as the Internet is kinda devoid of appraisal of this moped. Those who have owned them - what say yee?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Garelli Rallysport

The points can be rotated to adjust the timing, it is possible that the screw is loose and they just need to be adjusted correctly so that they do contact the cam, while you are in there file them down a bit too.

Re: Garelli Rallysport

Leon Swarmer /

and the lobe of the cam should open them up to about .014 inch


Re: Garelli Rallysport

Angelo Massimino /

if you need the new poins or the flywheel puller, maybe I could sell them. Please e-mail me

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