FINALLY got my FA50 running only a few problems

well tonight i put a fresh top end on my 1980 fa50, it started up first kick, after it had been sitting for over 20 years!

It has 114 original miles

i didnt push it too hard tonight but i was doing 30 with no trouble at all. Yet there are still a few problems, right when i started it up my headlight and lights on the speedo were working fine but after about 5 minutes they quit working, also my horn is not working, ( it hasn't since i purchased it)

like i said in an earlier post, in the rear of the frame where the wiring harness is somewhat acessable i noticed a red wire was cut so i twisted them together. my only guess is that these two wires might have came apart?

also i premixed my gas and oil tonight because i wasnt 100% sure the oil pump was working, is there any way to tell for sure if its working, ive worked too hard to lock up my motor now

anyone else have any input i didnt have the patience to take it apart and check tonight


Re: FINALLY got my FA50 running only a few proble

The manual tells how to test the oil pump. Do you have one? The horn may just be bad. I had one that I put a 6v current to and it just "clicked" Had to replace it with a new one. I may have one that works, but will need to check.

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 running only a few proble

i bought a manual from printed one out for me, is it in there?

please let me know if you have a horn


Re: FINALLY got my FA50 running only a few proble

On pages 2-7 and 2-8 there is discussion re. the oil pump and a test for its operating capacity. There is a special tool involved, but it looks like a turkey baster with a tube at the bottom. I'm sure you could rig up something like it. Or just check for oil smoke in the exhaust! Still looking for the horn. I'm storing some parts at a friend's house and it may be there, I hope.

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

Leon Swarmer /


If you just replaced th top end you need to give that ped some time for the rings and cylinder wall to wear a bit.

breaking in is very important if you want it to last.

30 is way too fast too early.

do a search for break in.

Congrats on it running, such an accomplishment.


Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

thanks but i have abigger problem not check out my latest post

thanks for the help

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

ok now its running and i replaced the two bulbs in the speedo housing and they both work, but the headlight still doesnt work or the horn.

i hooked up a horn from my buddys 86 fa50 tonight and it didnt work, so obviously im not getting power to the switch somehow..but how?

i ordered a headlight from bikebandit tonight so we will se if it fixes that problem

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

Do you not have a Suzuki dealer near you? The Bike Bandit prices are just about the same as dealer prices and usually you don't have to pay shipping from a dealer. Just a suggestion to check it out. BTW, I looked all over for my spare horn, but came up empty handed. Have you applied 6v directly to the horn terminals to check? Maybe the horn works and just the contacts on the horn button are dirty, corroded, or misaligned, etc.

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

yeah the horn isnt getting power, i guess it might be in the switch?

Re: FINALLY got my FA50 slow it down

That's my guess. It is a very simple switch. Just don't loose any of the parts when disassembling and take note of how things go back together.

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