Question about engine firing, but not running

I am working on a 1983 honda passport I believe it is (its a friends and has the 3 speed manual transmission) I put a new spark plug in,cleaned out the carb, and put new fuel and oil in it. When I kick it fires right up, runs for about 2-3 seconds and then just dies. I was wondering if this is something common/easy to fix for a moped that hasn't been run in 10+ years.

Thanks a lot for any help


Re: Question about engine firing, but not running

Don Pflueger /

could be a number of things. most likely a fuel issue. when it dies, does it start right back up? when you took the carb apart, did you scribe the bowl to thecarb body.? if not, the bowl may be on backwards causing the float to bind up and not be able to fill the bowl with gas fast enough to keep the engine running. another possibility is did you run a piece of wire thru every hole in the carb body and its parts? there may be a spec of dirt floating around in an idle circuit or passage.

also, use a spark tester to see if the spark goesaway when it dies. you can make one with an old plug wire and a plug. just fasten the wire to the base of the plug you are going to use as a tester, then plug that wire onto your plug that is in the engine. then plug the wire from your coil to the top of your new tester plug. start the engine up and watch thespark as iot runs.

Re: Question about engineplugtest pic

Leon Swarmer /

Donp do you have pic of a plug testwire? I'm very curious about it

gizmoduck sees how the passport truly isn't a ped you may find more info on the yahoo group. c70 I think. anyway good people there, too.


Re: Question about engineplugtest pic

Don Pflueger /

here's a pic of the one i made.

i got a plug with a removeable cap so that i can use it on any type of engine whether it uses a cap on the plug or not.i cut a plug wire off a bad coil. the stripped the sheave off the wire and wrapped the wire around the base of a low heat range plug. i secured the wire with a 14mm nut i bought at the hardware store. i then put a hose clamp around the sheave of the plug wire to keep thewire from breaking where it is bolted to the plug.

then all you do is install this in between the spark plug that is in the engine, and the plug wire on the engine. so in a sense you will have two spark plugs in series. if your ignition components are working correctly, the engine will start and run and you will see spark. if not, its easy to diagnose whats wrong. spark testers can be purchased at auto parts stores too. but this is cheaper.

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