replacing bottom end

I just6 recieved my new complete(used) motor off of ebay.and i need to know if i just need to take the carb and intake, head, cylinder and piston off of my old motor and put it on the new bottom it that simple or do i need to get new rings and hone it out.i just put this moped together with a 70 cc kit biturbo exaust and new carb about six months ago it ran great for a while then the bolt that holds the flywheel on came loose and ruined my crank and flywheel,i found a complete motor for it and the bearings seem to be fine,and it has spark so hopefully it will work.

Re: replacing bottom end

ps............. the top end only has about 500 miles or less

Re: replacing bottom end

plese help..........

Re: replacing bottom end

It seems to me the project is as simple as transfering the needed parts (after careful examination). If i misunderstand your question, fill me in.

You have all the parts in front of you and can examine them

.. how can anyone else tell you whether or not your cylinder or piston needs honing or if some other kind of work is called for? Both motors are used so i'm wondering why the honing issue occured to you.. Was there cylinder or piston damage when the crank went away?

Re: replacing bottom end

no. i just didnt know but now that i think about it it shouldnt need it because im using the piston with cylinder that it is currently in.

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