Cosmo Colt 1 problems

I just bought a used cosmo colt 1 for $20, and it needs some work. The piston and cylander are awsome, but it's just pretty dirty. I went to empty out the tranny fluid to change it, and all the threads came out of the casing on the bottom. I don't know if I should JBweld it closed and just change it from the side from now on, or tap a bigger hole, or something else. Alos, the wiring is kinda hacked up, so if anyone could give me some wiring diagrams, I'd very much appreciate it. I hope to have this thing looking like it did originally (aside from the missing side pannels). I also hope to remake some decals for it, since they are really faded.


Re: Cosmo Colt 1 problems

i would use some silicone on the threads because its a temporary fix and that bolt could still be easily removed.. maybe someday fixed properly..

or , if you dont care about keeping things original, permanantly seal the original and then drill and tap your own hole and select your own bolt ..

cant help with the wiring.. good luck with that.

Re: Cosmo Colt 1 problems

Wills computer has a dead CPU so im helpin him out. He needs points for it and a good parts supplyer.


Re: Cosmo Colt 1 problems

Handy Bikes 1-614-299-0550 has anything he needs, except he can get an oversized 8mm drain plug(package of 3) from Auto-Zone. don-ohio (:^)

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