1982 Honda Express Questions

I just bought a Honda 1982 Express. It has 528 miles. On my first few rides I noticed that my ride has a few things that might need repairing. Also the owner told me that the gas in the express is 2 or 3 years old. If anyone knows the answer to any of the following questions I'd greatly appreciate it.

1. The headlight and tail light are out. I took the bulb out of hte tail light and it looks burnt out. I tried to remove the headinght and got as far as removing the bulb from the casing but could not figure out what to do next. Do the wires unplug or can you remove the bulb from the inside the light?

2. The high beam indicator light was pushed into the casing that sits atop the handlebars. I managed to get it reset but noticed the light is out. Is that something I can replace?

3. I am not sure if there have been any tune ups on this moped. What would you suggest to start with?

Thank you for the help. See you on the road.


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Leon Swarmer /

Congrats on the new ped.

the expresses are fun I have an 80 and and 81.

First a question for you> Is there a battery under the seat?

If you run it without a battery it will burn up your new bulbs as soon as you rev it up. And with the headlight being about $30.00 you don't want to do that often.

if you do have a battery run a voltmeter over it and see if it is acting right. 6 volts sitting, kicking it up as you start it and rev it a bit.

remember that your system is 6 volt. the bulbs are kinda hard to fine but 12 volts will give you fits.

if the headlight in your express is stock, it is not designed to take an inner bulb out of the lamp. It is a sealed beam lamp.

That said, there are aftermarket lamps which almost fit and have replaceable lamps that go into the bigger clear. headlight also some folks have carefully broken out the center of the back of the sealed beam and replaced lamps inside it.

do a search and you can find both described.

I am thinking, but I'm not certain that if you replace your headlight the high beam indicator may come on without doing anything else

you have cdi system so you won't need points, but a new spark plug is always a good thing.

Look up Jax 184's guide.

If your ped is running on the old fuel/oil I'd just add new stuff on top of it. If you choose to drain the old gas/oil, the oil line will have to be bled before you start it again.


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Jonas Quimby /

The link BTW is


I hope this can help you to get the most out of your new bike.

Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Aaron Roemer /

First things first, it's not that hard to remove the gas tank and empty out the old gas. (Do the same with the oil.) You'll be glad you did! Next, check out the gas and oil line filters before you fill them up. These help keep the lines clean. This link should help you, it is the Service Manual for the Express (it doesn't say through '82, but it is):


This site will tell you where and how to check your filters.

Next, I got a headlamp for ~ $18, for my '82 Express, from a local motorcycle shop that orders from K&L Supply Company. Look at K&L's web page to find a dealer near you that can place your order. Order K&L "part number 23-8104", this is a clear lens and REPLACEABLE bulb. I found it to be a great fit!

Next, your tail lamp is probably burnt out right along with your high beam indicator lamp. Both can be replaced and ordered at your local autoparts store (Napa, AutoZone, etc...) for just a few bucks.

Buy some Sea Foam (Just an example.) It works wonders on small engines! I purchased mine at Napa ($6), but I imagine other auto parts stores would have it as well. Add a little to the gas and if you're having carb. problems add directly to the carb.

Also, buy some Amsoil. I have only had it for a short while, but my engine is running cooler and smoother than with other oils. It's pretty expensive though at ~ $5 a quart!

If you have any other questions go to http://www.network54.com/Forum/26489

This is an Express only forum and answers alot of questions.

I hope this helped.

Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Thanks for the great info. I tried to order the replacement headlamp but the K&L dealer did not have anything under the number 23-8104. Is there another number? Thanks again.


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Thanks for the info. Do you know of any aftermarket brands to check out?


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Leon Swarmer /

My box says 23-8104 You have to adapt the wires a bit.

I got mine from the Honda shop. And it isn't a perfect fit


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Aaron Roemer /

Yes, my number is "23-8104". What is it about your headlamp that isn't right? (I'd just like to know.) All I had to do was plug the three wires into the existing leads (same color, same plugs and everything). I'll get a picture tonight to show you. The only thing that might be different is the diameter of the lens. The new K&L lamp may be a _little_ bit smaller, but not so much as to notice.

As for finding this replacement part, try another store. If still no luck I can order one for you and mail it to you. I live in IL.

Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

I tried Napa auto parts today but no luck with matching something that could fit and was a 6 volt. I will try another K&L auto parts dealer tomorrow. It i don't have any luck maybe I'll take you up on the offer to order one. thanks for the help, i appreciate it.


Re: 1982 Honda Express Questions

Aaron Roemer /

OK, sounds good to me. Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture of the head lamp. If all goes well, I'll get it for you tonight. (You've heard that before, right?)

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