Diein free spirit

I got a free spirit that keeps dieing i cleaned out the carb but it keeps dieing. it seems to start up fine and run good for a while then just driving arround it well start to stall. it feels like a fuel problem but it could be spark or sumthing. anyone know whats up with it?

Re: Diein free spirit

A clogged vent in the gas cap could cause that.

When it starts to sputter, loosen the cap and see what happens.


Re: Diein free spirit

i think it also might be the old spark plug thats in it... but i will try the gas cap thang.

Re: Diein free spirit

check gimmy's suggestion, happens alot. it sounds like a fyel flow issue. check the whole system from the gascap, down to the carb. something might be resricting fuel flow. do you have a dirty/rusty gastank?? how are your fuel lines??

i would clean your carb again, and make sure you get all the small holes in that bing. banjo filter, everything.

Re: Diein free spirit

opps, always try a new sparkplug also.

Re: Diein free spirit

yeah dude it was totaly the spark plug. But i re cleaned the carb and threw a fuel filter on it. But it seems to be runing fine now. thanks everybody

Re: Diein free spirit

good for you. sometimes it's the simplest things to check first. make sure your gas/oil mix isn't too rich, or you will foul more plugs then you think.

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