Batavus Starflite Brake problem

Brandon Davis /

I have been having problems with my brakes on my moped. They work ever so slightly and its sufficient for slow speeds or if you have room but i am afraid to take it out without more control. Mechanically everything seems intact but i could be wrong. There is and arm attached to a cylinder on the front axle that is pulled by the hand lever . Any help would be much appreciated as I would like to ride this thing to work before it starts to snow. Thanks in advance.

Re: Batavus Starflite Brake problem

did you check pads?

Re: Batavus Starflite Brake problem

if it is an older bike the brakes may have glassed over. if the pads appear shiny then take some medium sandpaper and rough them up a bit, also rough up the drum. make sure you do not leave large scratches in anything. just take off the gloss.

Re: Batavus Starflite Brake problem

Ned Renner /

Simplest solution is to tighten the brake cables at the handlebar by unlocking the adjustment screw by turning the lock screw ( wide/flat washer-like plate) counter clockwise one turn, then turning out the adjustment screw until cable tension is better, then turning the lock screw clockwise to lock the setting. If this doesn't work the de-glazing exercise in earlier=er posts may, but if your brake handle travel (pull length) is m axed, it is most probably a stretched cable which needs replacement.

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