Puch crankshaft bearings

Can you get replacement crankshaft bearings for 2 speed puchs? are they the same as the one speed's? mine are somewhat pitted.

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings

Iiiiiiiii Died /

yes u cn get replacement bearings just bring them up to auto zone or try on th web somewere jacob

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings

Troy Brown /

are you saying you can get bearings for PUCH, at autoparts stores??

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings

yes, take in your old one and have them cross-reference it, chances are they will have or can get one if you are at a good store

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings

See Ya Moped Army /

You may be able to get 1 spd bearings, but I doubt you'll find 2 speed ones. At least one of them has locating rings incorporated into them.

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings

1spd has that too, the bearings on mw might be interchangable, i know that the actual dimentions of the bearings on tomos, puch 1spd and puch transfer gears are all the same, but that one bearing on the 1spd has a center clip. You can get it at mw though.

Re: Puch crankshaft bearings


i can probably get you the correct berings if you can either

send them to me to match them up or get the number off

the edge. there is a bearing house here in the town i live in

and they can get just about anything.

puch 1 speed bearings are pretty easy to get. 2 speed bearings i have never had to get because all the 2 speeds

i see are always busted


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