honda pa50 problem again, gas line fixed

hey guys-

i took care of the gas line problem, took some bb's and gas and cleaned out my tank, and now the gas is free flowing... but it still won't start. the engine turns over when i peddle start it but when i try to give it gas it just dies. anyone know what might be the problem now? i dont know if the 78 pa50I has one of those petcocks (i'm not sure what they are) but maybe it could be that? lemme know what you think, thanks alot guys.

joe wilcox

Re: honda pa50 problem again, gas line fixed

make sure the drain on the bottom of the bowl of the carb is on the same side as the fuel line (if u took apart the carb that is) i had the same symptons and put the bowl on right and it started


Re: honda pa50 problem again, gas line fixed

Another reason why it dies is it might be flooding out ..

This can be caused by a float level that is too high. If you havent dropped the motor , removed and cleaned and adjusted the carb, it would be a good idea to do so.

Also check your air filter. The bike won't run right unless all parts are there and everything is clean and tight. There are no shortcuts, but once you get things right it will run great just about forever.

BTW, the "petcock" in the on/off valve thing on the fuel tank. If fuel flows into the carb, the petcock is not the problem.

(To check for fuel flow all the way to the float bowl, remove the right side cover and theres a little hole to stick a screwdriver through the chain sprocket and through the swingarm .. Unscrew (one or two turns) the drain screw down on the carburetor's float bowl. Gas should come out of the rubber drain tube onto the floor)

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