New H-M Pacer won't run...Please help!

I just bought a new 2004 Hero Majestic Pacer. I put it all together and started it up. It ran for a few short trips up and down my road, and then died. It turns over when I pedal, but as soon as I release the clutch and choke, it dies. I've tried a few adjustments and only once have gotten it to actually start up again, only to die at the end of the driveway. Yes, I've pre-mixed the gas and oil, in a 3% mix for the break-in period, which is 1000km (right?). Seems like the throttle isn't adjusted properly, or perhaps the carb? I'm just learning, so I don't want to make any major adjustments, otherwise I may make the problem worse. Since it's a new bike, I feel like it's got to be a simple problem that someone who knows anything about moped engines could fix. But who knows. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for your input!

Re: New H-M Pacer won't run...Please help!

Is the dealer you bought it from too far away for you to take it back there?

Re: New H-M Pacer won't run...Please help!

Molly Means /

Yeah. It was shipped to me. I'm going to call them today, though, and see what they say.

Re: New H-M Pacer won't run...Please help!

Leon Swarmer /

"I release the clutch and choke"

are you doing this at the same time??? usually a choke will need to stay on for about a minute after the ped is running.

give that a try if you haven't please,


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