Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

Just today I have noticed more vibration coming from the engine. It is acting differently also. I am going to tear into it right now, I am guessing that a bearing went bad. How tough to replace the main bearings?

It is a Minarelli V1 with about 3000 miles. the last 1400-1600 with a Polini 74cc kit and Bullet exhaust.



Re: Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

Justin, the tear down can be tough.Much more difficult than a Puch. You'll need a clutch puller, either a commercial Minarelli one or if you have tools, a homemade one. The one tool you'll need to purchase for the job is the Minarelli crankshaft extractor. I know Handy Bikes has them in stock. I may be able to send you ours to use. It could be easier to just pick up a used engine off of Ebay though. Let me know.

Re: Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

Make sure that the plastic or cast aluminum fan blower over the magneto isn't loose,also. Also,check rear wheel bearing play and sprocket,too. Before I would take apart the engine I'd check the upper rod bearing for play or

for the piston hitting the head. don-ohio (:>)

Re: Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

so after just a few minutes I discovered that the front mounting bolt was missing. problem solved. it was vibrating like crazy.

Re: Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

stop wining you pussy

Re: Excess vibrations (Minarelli V1)

Wayto go! That's solving the problem! don (:^)

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