tomos tranny

man I'm so confused.

I'm trying to repair my 2003 targa lx's transmission.

it slipps horribly in 1st gear and does not disengage at idle.

other then that the ped is great though.

I took it apart but I don't really get it. haha. could the shaft be stripped?

Re: tomos tranny

by the way where is the cheapest place to buy a new set of clutches.

thanks a lot.

do they make better clutches for the a35?

cause the new ones are cork and they suck.

thanks a lot.

Re: tomos tranny

Hey a 2003 Tomos Lx's transmission doesn't break easily. Unless you have loads of miles on it and gunned all around town. If your getting that gerking motion when the bike is idle, that means your idle is to high. My 1999 Tomos Lx was doing the same thing not that bad though. So I barely turned the idle screw and abba ka dabba fixed. So don't go into your tanny without noing what your getting your self into and if your going to do it your self get the service manual be cause you have to get the timming right in the transmission.

Re: tomos tranny

no dude it has nothing to do with fuel.

it does not idle, because the engine doesn't disengage

there is no jerking motion.

trust me I am 100 percent sure it is the clutches.

Re: tomos tranny

Have you checked your tranny fluid? What kind of fluid is in there?

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