nc50 express battery?!?!

aloha - maximum ignoramys newbie to the fore again.

now that winter is drawing in and having to do some night time commuting having probs with lights/electrics.

headlamp is quite dim and when apply brakes it dims to the slighest of illumination. when use indicators the headlamp flashes slightly for a few times and then nothing.

don't know much about these things but scouring haynes manual and chatting with others suggestions are:

1. battery needs replacing

2. battery needs charging (using daily for short [10-15min] journeys so may not be getting the charge up)

3. problem with earth

4. problem with wiring (maybe a short or similar)

if anyone has had this prob before or is knowledgable about such matters do let me know how i might remedy this and save me from bumping off hedges or worse on daily ride home



Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

Leon Swarmer /

sounds like you are on the right track.

a couple of other things

1,check the level of distilled water in the battery

2. clean the battery "cables, at both ends look for corrsions or bad contact at any electrical pooooint.

3 (ok, Not a couple) make sure your bulbs (especially tail/brake ) is 6 volt. They are kinda hard to find and some folk replace them with 12 volt and they suck a lot more juice and give less light.


Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

righty - worked way through most of these options to no avail so think the battery needs a good ol' charge.

can anyone recommend a charger - manual says charging should be 6v at 0.2a but cannot find anything online that charges at such a low ampage (though may be because i'm a thicky when it comes to electrics and don't know what i'm looking for).

any suggestions? if anyone knows a UK vendor that might have a stuiable charger that would be top!


Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

cole -

I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, but are you sure the manual said 0.2 Amps?

That's about what a Nicad battery for like a digital camera would need to charge.

Many automotive, motorcycle batteries will take a nice trickle charge from 2.0 Amps.

A charger similar to this 'should' work:

NB - I know nothing about this company, and I am not recommending this particular make or model.

Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

thats what i thought but ye Haynes Manual (1979), p73 says:

"the normal charging rate is 0.2 amp. A more rapid charge can be given in an emergency, but this should be avoided if possible because it will shorten the working life of the battery".


Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

Jonas Quimby /

It should be noted that lead acid batteries often charge at a lower rate then the ammount of current the charger is putting out, Especially old/worn batteries.

So even if the charger is putting out say, 0.7 amp, maybe only 0.2 is actually getting pushed into the battery.

This is all if I remember right, of course.

Plus it's 3:30 AM.

Use this information carefully...

Re: nc50 express battery?!?!

Howdy cole,

I have the same problem with my nc50. I got a brand new battery for it and that didn't help. My headlight is pretty bright but my blinkers are still dim as hell and blink very slowly. I'm pretty sure I have a bulb or wiring problem, i suggest if your fully charged battery doesn't work, check the electrical systems that support the lights themselves for corrosion or other problems.

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