!!!!HELP ME!!!!PLEASE!!!!

Ok, i am new to the moped thing, i bought my friends Mosquito moped, its a newer model, but it wont start now. I have to use the kick start cuz i lost the key so i unhooked the wires to make it kickstart. The battery and spark plug is brand new. it sounds like it is trying to kick over but it just wont start or has enough juice to start up. If anyone can help me that would be awesome. thanks

Re: !!!!HELP ME!!!!PLEASE!!!!

i think it has somthing to do with that key switch you ripped out

you should have tryed a ball pointt pen on it instead


Re: !!!!HELP ME!!!!PLEASE!!!!

If you unhooked the wires from the key, you are probably not getting current to the spark plug. Any engine needs three things to run... Spark, Compression, and Fuel/Air.

No spark = No Start!

You can get a key made for just about anything. At the local bonded locksmith they will make you a key for _anything_ for 20 bucks.

Re: !!!!HELP ME!!!!PLEASE!!!!

i would just pick the lock

its easy

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