puch wiring help

Okay... I put a new engine of my '77 puch maxi sport. The main problem is that I don't know how to wire the engine to the rest of the bike. The engine is off of an '80s model puch and has more wires than the bike has. The wire colors do not match up with the ones on the bike, only the yellow one that apparently gets the headlight going. Also, could this be the reason that the bike is going really slow? There is a very weak spark and the ped is only going about fifteen miles an hour. If adjusted the timing and everything seems to be alright except for the wiring. I've heard that later model puchs have a different wiring setup than the 1977. Someone please help so I can ride with my Peddy Cash before the summer's over.

Re: puch wiring help

Jason Luther /

the wires from a 77 and 80's should be similar. go to mopedriders.org, they have a whole maxi manual scanned with a wiring diagram, i think its page 118 if i remember.-jason

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