vespa ciao won't spark

what's up ya'll. i recently aquired a 1973 vespa ciao and she is a delightful machine. but she won't run.

i have mounted the engine on it, cleaned its parts,

and got new piston rings but i cannot get it to spark. i might need a new clutch cable and spring for the carb, but aside from that, i can't see what the problem could be.

it seems to be in pretty good condition (minimal rust,

all the engine parts look good, brakes work great,

etc.) and it only has 800 miles on it. so i'm thinking

it should work. but still no spark. could

anyone give me any help? anything would be appriciated,

as i have hassled with it for 4 weeks to no avail.


vespa ciao won't spark

Start with the easiest stuff first.

check your points plug and plug wire.

There is a wiring diagram in the manuak here at:

Re: vespa ciao won't spark

Bruce Wilkinson /

My Ciao did not have spark two years ago. I checked all the easy things first and nothing. It turned out to a be a burnt out wire in the magneto under the flywheel. If all else fails, keep this in mind. bruce

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